We are excited to announce that our PTA is participating in National PTA’s Healthy Minds pilot program focused on social emotional learning (SEL).  


Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing resources on how to help your children develop stronger SEL skills, along with activities you can do as a family. Join in the fun and be entered into fun raffles every week as we all learn new skills. Check back for more details each week.


For more information on National PTA’s Healthy Minds program, please visit http://www.pta.org/healthyminds.


As part of this program, we’ll also be offering a live In person or Virtual PTA Healthy Minds: Building Social Emotional Skills at Home discussion session for parents and caregivers. 


Thank You to everyone who joined us face to face and virtually for our PTA Healthy Minds: Building Social Emotional Skills at Home discussion. We had an amazing conversation. Special thanks to our caring counselor, Beth Mullins and our fellow PTA member Vanessa Gaona, who is a Licensed child therapist, for leading the discussion and raffling some great resources for parents to take home. Thank you to the our Kempner Pals who came and kept the kids entertained while the adults started a community of discussion around SEL, social emotional learning, for our children.


If you did not get a chance to complete the pre or post event survey for National PTA please do so below:



Check out the Healthy Minds Overview(English) Healthy Minds Overview(Spanish)



For the next 6 weeks, LVE PTA will share short family activities for our Lakeview families to try at home to help foster and build social and emotional skills. We will be giving away a family-friendly prize each week through a raffle drawing for those who submit proof of activity completion (by emailing a picture to web@lvepta.org). Your child will also earn a Viking buck for each weekly activity completed.






Congratulations to Ahn, Hayden and Amy on being our Week 4 winners!

Thank you for sharing your family playing "Feelings Charades" with us!




This week we wrap up our last two weeks(5 &6) of activities.


Week 5's focus is RELATIONSHIP SKILLS- which refers to our ability to create, and sustain, healthy relationships by communicating effectively, listening, collaborating, and resolving conflicts constructively.  Parents can foster these skills by modeling respectful relationships with others

    • Activity: Our Family Story: By creating a family tree, family members can grow a deeper understanding of one another and an appreciation for past generations.
      • On a large piece of paper, draw or construct (with construction paper and glue) a tree trunk and branches.
      • Family members can draw and cut out leaves representing each family member.  Begin with your immediate family, and then move to extended family members and previous generations.
      • On each leaf, write the name of each person and their relationship to your child (Grandma, Aunt, etc.).  While completing each leaf, try sharing what you know and love about each family member.  (For earlier generations, you may know less about each person but do share their names, locations, heritage, and anything else you might know.)  
      • Find a place in your home to display the tree you’ve created together.
      • Click full instruction here
      • For instructions in Spanish
      • More resources: Key SEL: Relationship skills, Key SEL: Relationship Skills in Spanish


Week 6's focus is RESPONSIBLE DECISION MAKING SKILLS- which refers to our ability to make a reflective choice that advances us towards a goal, while considering the impact on others and accepting the consequences of our decision. Children will develop responsible decision-making skills over time.  However, parents can assist with development of these skills by coaching: Asking open-ended questions to prompt creative thinking; Presenting children with opportunities to make authentic, but limited, choices; Actively listening and reflecting upon their choices.


  • Activity: Family members create stories to discover compassion and wrestle with difficult choices and their outcomes.
  • Remember to submit a picture of your family family tree by Sunday at 11:59pm for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card (for the family tree activity) or a hula hoop and jump rope for the decision-making activity). Submit your photos to web@lvepta.org. Winner will be announced on the following Monday!

Week 5 & 6


This week (April 26th), we'll be focusing on SOCIAL AWARENESS - which refers to our ability to use social cues to inform our communication and choices. Social awareness also helps us empathize with the thoughts and feelings of others. 

 Week 4


This week (April 19), we are introducing part two of our Self-Management resources as we continue participating in the National PTA’s Healthy Minds pilot program. Below we are highlighting resources focused on learning more about Big Feelings and how to manage those skills at home.

 Week 3

This week (April 11th), we'll be focusing on SELF-MANAGEMENT - we are highlighting resources focused on learning more about self-management which refers to our ability to  manage our emotions in ways that align with our goals and values. Children and teens can develop their self-management skills in various ways:
    • Verbalizing their feelings
    • Finding positive coping strategies to help manage uncomfortable emotions
    • Understanding choices determine consequences 
  • Activity: Family members generate ideas together and create their own lists of healthy coping strategies, or ways they can react to challenging emotions to self-soothe.
  • Materials: any paper and writing / coloring utensils
  • Directions: 1. Gather your family around a table with paper and drawing tools. 2. First, talk about how you feel when challenging emotions hit. Which emotions challenge you the most? 3. Go around and share. What are things you can do to feel better when you are upset or have challenging emotions? Encourage all to think creatively. 4. After hearing plenty of ideas, each can draw and/or write their own “feel better” poster. 5. Hang these in a place that is easily accessible. Agree that you’ll help remind one another to check out your list when you are upset and want to feel better.
  • Self-Management resources, Self-Management resources (Spanish)
  • Remember to submit a picture of your completed activity by Saturday at 11:59pm for a chance to win a jump rope and hula hoop! Submit your photos to web@lvepta.org. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 19th.

Week 2


 (click image to open instruction)

This week (April 4th), we'll be focusing on SELF-AWARENESS - How often are we recognizing strengths and admirable character traits? 
  • Activity: Identifying character traits that make you special and unique
  • Materials: any paper and writing / coloring utensils
  • Directions: 1) draw a simple outline shape of a body (or head and shoulders). 2) On or around your outline, list character traits that help describe who you are. **Tip: if your child needs help, point out inner traits versus physical traits, such as kindness, creativity, perseverance, loyalty in friendship.
  • Link for more Self-Awareness information
  • Remember to submit a picture of your completed activity for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card! Submit your photos to web@lvepta.org. Winner will be announced on Monday, April 11th.

 Week 1